Thursday, August 21, 2008

No doubt on drought.

First of all, who was this madman who thought the drought was over? Shame on you, Mike Rann.

Okay, to the main game. Wouldn't you think public opinion on this kind of issue to be patently irrelevant? Well, I guess not for the 31 people who voted. But why was this even posed as a question in the first place? What could it possibly achieve? Isn't the drought a serious enough issue that objective data should be the only way to measure the current rain's impact on water levels? I think there is this organisation, umm, The Bureau of Meteorology, wouldn't they be more informed than some local news poll desperadoes?

I have been observing this trend for a while and I still can't tell just how far it's going to go. Public opinion being used to decide the daily maximum temperature, the price on carbon emisions, whether frogs have become extinct, the diagnosis of cancer, our most promising new artists, oh, hang on.

You see my point.