Saturday, November 1, 2008

Missing the bigger picture.

First of all, I recommend you get onto Youtube and search for Cricket fighting. I think you will be enthralled, and also get an appreciation for how the Advertiser has missed the boat on this sensational story. Although, I think 'blood sport' may be slight exaggeration. Still, I believe there needs to be an in depth and thorough investigation of these events. By sending a couple of cadets off to Shanghai to pick up the trail, Rupert will surely end up with the most incredible story to come out of China since Marco Polo nicked the noodles.

Of course, you're thinking, God bless China for coming to the rescue of these poor, 'roided up crickets. The Olympics were worth it after all. Or, you are thinking Mmmm, tasty. Column A, Column B. Who can decide? And while I can't be sure as to why Chinese authorities have come to the rescue of these fighting bugs, I have a few hunches. So, with the Advertiser failing me yet again, I shall do their grunt work. Like all super-sleuths, I'm going to follow the money trail. Could it be that this cricket fighting is taking revenue away from the State sanctioned casinos and into the pocket of sidewalk shysters? It wouldn't surprise me. Try some scorpion fighting outside Sky Casino and see how long it lasts.

Finally, I'd like to thank the Advertiser for increasing the print size yet again. Though, it seems that as the font, kerning and typesetting increases, the quality of the ink diminishes at a much faster rate. My scanner flails about and throws up an arm in disgust and does a generally crap job of rasterizing. Oh, is that your plan, Rupert?

Mmmm, crickets.