Friday, May 23, 2008

A stand-up Cartoonist.

Doesn't really matter if you know the story behind the cartoon, grrh, I suppose it might help.
A bunch of entertainers, in this case, entertainer is defined on the broadest possible terms, including Tania Zaetta from 'Who Dares Win' fame (???) were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan to cheer up the troops. Anywho, a memo was leaked that claimed that she had sex with some of our fine SAS boys while OS. She denies the claims and why wouldn't she!
So, to the cartoon from the Advertiser, Fri 23/5/08. Now could Valdman include any more phallic imagery in this funny, funny, funny, god, I'm exhausted, funny cartoon?
One phallis may have got the point across, but I can count at least four and you may be able to do better.
So, spot the dick.
No, not Rupert.

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myninjacockle said...

Why wouldn't she deny the claim? Why?

...and I've tagged you for a meme. No, I'm not quite sure what it is either.